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USA Blessings of Deputation By Ron Manuel We had the privilege of being a pastor's family for three different churches in the South, one of which we planted in North Carolina. However, for several years we had a burden for the West. We tried to go there twice, but the Lord closed the door both times. Then, in 2009, God called us to plant a church in Avondale, Arizona, a city in the Phoenix Valley. We contacted BIMI and began the process of becoming short-term missionaries and working under a sending church. While we have had some experience in planting a church, traveling down the deputation trail has been a brand new adventure. The Lord has guided and blessed us each mile of the trip. One of God's greatest blessings has been His patience. When we first began thinking of going 14 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2012 through a mission agency to plant another church, it all seemed a bit overwhelming. As we prayed about the many aspects of planting a church through raising support, He waited patiently for us to discern His will. While our children struggled with letting go of family, friends and our sending church, He waited patiently for their surrender. And when our faith was found to be anemic and in need of a transfusion, He waited patiently for our trust. We praise the Lord for His patience! Another blessing has been watching God's power at work. While scheduling meetings, we have seen Him open doors we thought were nailed shut and have watched Him open doors almost immediately after others had closed. And now when doors remain closed