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we think should be opened, it reminds us the Lord is in control and knows best. There have been times when we did not have a meeting and had to drop in on a church. We observed God's power through being allowed to mention the work, being given a love offering, being able to schedule a meeting or being taken on for support. Sometimes His power has been realized through connections made with people that led to other meetings. Other times our family has experienced His power by receiving strength to travel yet another deputation mile. God's power has also been evident in our children's lives through helping them to let go of the familiar and to embrace the unfamiliar. While we have seen the power of God at work in our lives, we have seen His protection as well. There have been many times the Lord has protected us on the road. One example stands out in our minds. We were driving west on I-10 in New Mexico when we noticed a dump truck pulling a trailer across the west-bound lanes. He was trying to turn around to get on the median and head in the opposite direction. Changing lanes was not an option for us. Even though a semi-tractor trailer was directly behind us, we had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting the trailer. We knew we were in trouble if God did not intervene. Thankfully, both lanes were able to stop in time to allow the truck to finish turning around. We know there are times when the Lord allows injury, illness, or even death, but we are grateful He chose to protect us one more time. God has not only protected us but He has also provided us with many blessings. After we answered the call to Arizona, the Lord gave our youngest daughter her life's verse! When we began deputation, we had no money and no meetings. We called a nearby pastor to see if we could drop in and after the service he allowed us to mention the work. The church took up a love offering that provided for Candidate School registration and prayer cards! When we went out West for meetings last February, we left with a tank of gas and nine dollars in the bank. The Lord began providing for us that night and continued to do so throughout the whole trip! Our two oldest daughters have been attending college through correspondence and needed funds to pay for their classes. They were given $1,000 each to go toward their bills through someone at one of our meetings! God has also given all of us close friends while on deputation, people we would have never met otherwise! But the greatest blessing of all came a month after our final approval with BIMI when our youngest child asked Jesus to save him. After becoming missionaries, the Lord allowed our first convert to be our own son! Taking this journey down the deputation trail has been a great adventure of faith. The lessons we have learned and the experiences we have had will benefit us in our future ministry by being a reminder of God's patience, power, protection, and provision. Editor's Note: The Manuel Family moved to Arizona in January to finish deputation and begin the process of planting a new church in Avondale, Arizona. Number 1, 2012 BIMI WORLD 15