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World Missions Center Faithful is he that calleth you... By John Ramsey My wife, Mary, was born into a Christian so we moved there after our wedding when I home. Her father was a pastor and her mother a went to work for a CPA firm. Mary taught at public school teacher. She was saved at a young Silverstate Baptist School, a ministry of South age and introduced to missions by her mom Sheridan Baptist Church. It was at South and dad. In fact, her father would Sheridan Baptist Church that our never take a raise in salary unless lives would be changed forever. they increased their missionaries A couple of years after moving at the same time. to Colorado, joining South I was born into a Christian Sheridan Baptist Church and family as well. My father was getting involved in church work, a general contractor and my God began to direct us towards mother a stay-at-home mom. I missions. Dr. Ed Nelson, our also was saved at a young age and pastor, and John Honeycutt, an introduced to missions by my associate pastor, asked us to begin church and family. a second session Sunday school Both families wanted their ministry in the Denver projects. children to have a Christian With the help of some others, we education and from high school began this ministry and saw some years on, we both had Christian amazing things happen. The John Ramsey education backgrounds. I went to children responded, and we saw Bob Jones University to study accounting after how God could work through our lives if we a year at another school studying engineering. were willing. Though I enjoyed engineering, my real After a year Dr. Nelson hosted a Missions/ enjoyment was my minor that year—business. Bible Conference at the church. Dr. Harold Mary went to Bob Jones two years later to study Sightler, Dr. Jack Hudson and Dr. Tom Freeney elementary education, obviously influenced by were the speakers. We invited all the men her mother's teaching career. over for dinner, along with Dr. Nelson. When While in college, I met Mary through they arrived, Dr. Nelson gave me a letter and my sister Martha, who was also studying said, “This is for you.” Our pastor was one of education. Martha had come to the university the many Board members of BIMI that Jim the same year as Mary. After graduation in Cooper had written asking if any of them knew 1967, I went to work in Atlanta, Georgia, for of a couple where the wife could teach and the a large CPA firm. Mary and I kept up through husband could do finances. phone calls and my frequent trips to South It was an interesting dinner since Dr. Carolina on weekends. Freeney was the General Director of BIMI and In 1968 I was drafted into the Army and the two pastors had missionaries out of their stationed in Colorado for a year and then sent churches working with Brother Jim Cooper to Vietnam for a year as a military advisor in the Bahamas. Dr. Freeney told us of other to the Vietnamese. Mary was still in school, opportunities around the world where we but by this time we were sure God wanted us could be used, but God had already prepared together, so we were engaged November 1, us for the Bahamas ministry without our even 1968, just before my departure to Vietnam. knowing it. My time in Colorado was enjoyable and 16 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2012