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By the fall we had made our decision, appeared before the Mission Board in the spring of 1972, and started deputation. Since they needed us on the field in August, we immediately quit our jobs, put our house up for sale and started holding meetings. Family and friends started helping and praying, and by August we had raised $330 a month support. We sold our house and shipped our belongings to Nassau, Bahamas. The headmaster Brother Cooper thought was coming for Nassau Christian Schools did not show up, so he asked if I could do that job as well as organize the finances. Mary had all the education background, so there was some help available. I agreed to do the job until he could find a new Jim Cooper headmaster. Having an accounting and auditing background really helped in organizing the finances. Getting the school's finances in order helped with bank relations and eventually it enabled us to expand the work. In 1973 Jim Cooper became very ill and died that September. It was a devastating blow to the work. Most of the missionaries were young and had little experience, but God allowed us to work together and keep the work afloat. Today, the schools have over 1,300 students. Both churches are doing great and supporting missionaries around the world. To God be the Glory! John & Mary Ramsey (circa 1973) Dr. Tom Freeney made many visits to the Bahamas that year. He sent a number of men to preach for the most recently established church and helped us in so many other ways. However, during each visit Dr. Freeney confronted me about training someone to take my place and coming to work at the Home Office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Each visit I told him God would have to move us since He sent us to be missionaries in the Bahamas. Well, that did not discourage Dr. Freeney. He kept asking! A few months went by. I was sleeping soundly when I clearly heard a voice speak to my heart, “If Dr. Freeney asks again, I want you to go to Chattanooga.” Since I had told Dr. Freeney God would have to tell me He wanted me in Chattanooga, God did just that. A day or two later Dr. Freeney called from the Nassau airport and asked me to pick up him and his wife and take them to their hotel. After dropping his wife off, he asked me to have lunch with him. Dreading what was coming, I reluctantly agreed. Sure enough he asked again. Mary had no knowledge of any of this but was asked to have dinner that night with the Freeneys. They talked about Chattanooga all during the meal. Finally, she asked me, New Testament Baptist Church, Bahamas (circa 1974) Number 1, 2012 BIMI WORLD 17