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World Missions Center New BIMI Comptroller–Prepared for Ministry By Doug Cunningham At an early age I knew that I needed to accept the Lord as my Savior.  When I was five years old, we had an evangelist at our church for a week.   I walked down the aisle when the invitation was given. No one spoke with me at that time because so many people had come forward that same evening that they completely filled the front of the church as well as part of the aisle.   My parents did notice, but they were not able to speak with me at that moment because my father was the pastor and was at the pulpit and my mom was playing the organ.  When we got home that night, my parents asked me if I wanted to ask the Lord to save me.  I said that I did. They prayed with me and I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior. Growing up in a pastor's home gave me the opportunity to be around many missionaries—even before I really knew what a missionary was. My father had a love for missions, and this was taught to me as well. As I grew up, I did not feel the call to be a pastor, but instead I leaned more towards business. I was always business-minded; therefore, I studied accounting and graduated from Tennessee Temple University in January 1981 with a degree in accounting.  During my last semester at TTU, I worked at Baptist International Missions on a short-term project. My dad had had a part in the start-up of BIMI years before so I was familiar with them.  After graduation I went full time with BIMI and stayed until 1987. I left in order to get more experience in accounting in other areas and was later asked to come back. In September 2003 I was happy to come back to BIMI because I have a great love for missions.  I have served for several years as the Business Manager while working with John Ramsey in the Finance Office.  On January 1, 2012, I was named as the Comptroller. Many things have changed over the years. Technology has greatly increased our ability to process our work. We can handle things much quicker and much more efficiently than in years past. The Finance Office still has about the same number of people working in it as we did many years ago, but we are handling much more work than in the past. While many things have changed over the years, one thing has not changed—the Great Commission. We are still to spread the Gospel to all the world. One area of Helps is working in the Home Office. This allows our missionaries who are planting churches to concentrate on doing what they are called to do without having to worry about the day-to-day finances. This is what I feel the Lord has led me to do, and I am thankful for the opportunity. 19