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CENTRAL AMERICA Angela Saved! By Ron Goodman I count it a blessing every time the Lord gives me an opportunity to lead someone to Christ. However, there have been times the Lord has allowed the experience to be extra special. Such was the case with Angela. Angela is in her sixties and has lived a very rough life. Her husband is an alcoholic and her children were all raised in orphanages because Ron and Angela of their poverty and adverse living conditions. Libertad, one of her daughters, (now grown), is a faithful member of our church and has had a burden for the salvation of her mother for many years. When she asked me to go see her mother, she apologized ahead of time in case Angela should treat me badly. The many times in the past that Libertad had tried to witness to her had turned out to be very bad experiences. This time we hoped that things would be different. Angela had been sick and seemed to be thinking very soberly about life—and death! As I entered her little storefront, Angela greeted me nervously. Libertad had arranged this meeting with her mother's permission, but it was clear that Angela had some reservation. Libertad led us to a room and then left us to talk. I opened my Bible and began to share with her the truth about our standing with God and how we need a Savior. I could see Libertad through a window in the background tending the store and pacing nervously as we took our time in the Scriptures. As I was finishing my presentation, Angela began to cry. I asked her if she understood and she nodded in the affirmative, but it seemed something was hindering her. When I asked her if she wanted to trust Christ as her Savior, she hesitated. It was only a few moments, but it seemed to take so long before she finally said, “Sí—de corazón!” (Yes—from my heart!) Wow! What a blessing to hear her pray a simple prayer and put her faith in Christ! It was a special moment when I called her daughter into the room. There was a tearful embrace between them, but few words were spoken. I left there so thankful for the opportunity to have had a part in what the Lord did! Libertad and Angela 21