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Military Ministry The Price They Pay By Gary Craft May we never take for granted the price our American military and their families pay for our liberty. Each member of the military family contributes to that payment. They understand that in an all volunteer military they will be in harm's way at some point in time. Yet, they are willing to pay that price for us. One day's events can change a life forever. June 29, 2011, was such a day for the McCulley family. John was in a base camp on the Iraqi border with Iran. He had commanded an Army unit as a Marine for eight years and was now a contractor imbedded with an Army unit at COP Shocker, Iraq. John had served 19 months in Iraq. It was 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. John and five others arrived in the command tent for their daily leadership meeting. Just 211 meters away, the enemy had other plans for their meeting that day. Twelve rockets were launched with devastat- ing results. Three of the six soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice. John was severely injured. He was pulled from the wreckage of a huge crater caused by the rocket attack. Initially, it appeared John would be another casualty. Meanwhile back in Germany, John's wife, US Army Specialist Stephanie McCulley, was working a twelve-hour shift as an Army LPN at Landstuhl Army Medical Center (LRMC). Separations and deploy- ments had become a part of this family's life. Seven-year-old Tarron and his six-year-old brother Ryan were being cared for by a family friend. 26