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Japan Divine Appointments By David Harris As the Lord directs our lives, we learn that unexpected occasions can become Divine appointments. In July 2011, I boarded a flight for a meeting. A 70-year-old Japanese lady sat next to me. After greeting her, I began a conversation with her. She asked, “Have you been in Japan long?” “Twenty-three years,” I replied. “What do you do?” “I am a missionary.” David Harris and Family “Are you a pastor?” “Yes!” Her response was unusual. She bowed several times and said, “I have been seated next to a very nice person!” She seemed to contemplate something. She continued, “This trip is not for pleasure.” There was a pause. “I am going to talk with my grandson.” After another pause, she lowered her voice and said, “He has started taking drugs!” She began to relate her fears for her grandson as well as for the family. She leaned closer and said, “I am going to talk to him, but I do not know what to say!” The Lord directed. I reached into my bag and pulled out a Gospel tract. “Here is what your grandson needs to hear,” I replied. For the next few minutes I told her of a God in heaven who loves her, sent His only Son to die for her and made it possible for her to be saved. She seemed to understand and knew enough Bible stories to understand the concepts of the One True God, sin and salvation. She replied, “But I am a Buddhist!” She talked about praying at the butsudan (Buddhist altar) in her home. I asked, “Did this help?” She shook her head and said, “No!” She said in hushed tones, “I have even been to Osore (o-so-de) san to pray.” Mt. Osore is well known in Japan as a place people go to talk to the spirits of the dead. It is located in Aomori prefecture. I said, “I know of Mt. Osore. I worked in Aomori for 15 years.” The Lord impressed me again to ask, “Did this help?” She shook her head again and said, “No!” 28 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2012