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Rev. Ford M. Baker (10/16/1942—11/13/2011) Ford was saved as a 10-year-old bus kid. His parents did not go to church and his step-father was a working alcoholic. Ford and Peggy met in high school and married 10 months after graduation. Ford spent four years in the Air Force. They have two daughters, Laura and Cathi. He and Peggy had celebrated over 50 years of marriage. Ford was called to preach in 1967 and ministered in two small churches while attending Adrian College. He later attended Wayne State University. During this time he got away from attending church. Later as the owner of a convenience store, he began to feel that God wanted him back in church and ministry. He took his family to an old-fashion tent meeting at Lake City Baptist Tabernacle. This resulted in his throwing out the beer, wine, tobacco and magazines from the store. He started attending the Living Water Bible Institute. He worked with Dr. James Rushing at Lake City Baptist Tabernacle as a deacon—serving in many ways. After much prayer and counsel Ford felt God wanted him to go to England as a missionary. In 1995 he and Peggy left for England and spent 12 years as BIMI missionaries. Economic issues forced Ford to return to the States in 2007. He worked in the Atlanta area with Dr. Dan Guider and Dr. Robert Burton as a teacher in the Fairburn and Jonesboro locations of Baptist International Bible Institute. Ford also had an internet ministry and loved passing out tracts. Ford and Peggy lived in Decatur, Georgia, and spent hours on the streets touching lives and ministering to people. The last two years he also taught Old Testament to a group of individuals in an apartment building each week. Ford loved talking about the Lord and encouraging people and even during his last days in the hospital would stop nurses and doctors to ask if they were ready for heaven. Ford went home to be with the Lord peacefully. Memorial Gifts have been received in memory of: Alta Landon by Henry Kiser by Bill Burton by John McClure by Emmalee Guiff by by by by by by Cloteen Quillen by Jeanie Kingsbury by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by 30 BIMI WORLD First Baptist Church Christine Kiser Patricia Henderson Patricia Henderson Joy Class West Jackson Baptist Church Bryan & Debbie Forbis Linda Gibson Douglas & Janet McDougal Daniel Redden Mr. & Mrs. Giles Tompkins Jr. Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Ed Johnson John Kingsbury Mr. & Mrs. OW Josserand Bruce Clementson Clare Kingsbury Scott Ruegg Craig Fields Barbara Nelson Eileen Prigge Barb Mundy Kathleen Brown Barbara Cleghorn Karen Jean Ruegg Joyce Pins Patricia Chelmo Madeleine Alberts Carol Vanruler Edward Green Jr Susan Magnusson James Kingsbury Mr. & Mrs. Stan Sauder Mr. & Mrs. Blair Juliar Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mullin AR Kingsbury BJ Hamson Number 1, 2012 Dr. Louis Goldberg by Dr. Aubry Martin by Dr. John McCormick by Dr. Cliff Robinson by Dr. Dennis Pyles by Robert Meyers by Dan Dilts by by by Mary Elizabeth Smith by Ford Baker by Carol Pappas by Fay/Vera Pittman by Ford Baker by Alice Monteith by Robert Guzell by by by by by by WA McMillan by by by Mathilda Luther by Gloria Tice by by Dot Smith by Emma Guiff by John Economidas by Paco Platillero by Bob Huffman by Frank Britton by Jim King by Lyn Mize by Helen Oberg by Leslie Clonts by Dr. Ron Sanger Dr. Ron Sanger Dr. Ron Sanger Dr. Ron Sanger Dr. Ron Sanger Calvary Baptist Church Hamilton Baptist Church Sherry Pirtle Joy Dilts Liberty Baptist Tabernacle Stanley Heights Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Parks R. & Esther Pittman Jack & Melanie Norton George Ferreira & Paula Russell Ken Eto Michael & Theresa Rose Thomas Mauck Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Stephens J. Baird & Joan Lefter Neil Johnson Jon Crews Mark & Sherry Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Nat Crews Bible Baptist Church Bible Baptist Church Gary Fultz the Dot Smith Family Mark & Sherry Chapman Mary Thompson Nona Platillero Capital Baptist Church Bobby Brown Bobby Brown Faith Baptist Church Jim Lilley Stephen Clonts