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Kelli Reese with some of the children at a community center in Western Bay. ask why I choose to spend time and money to go where I know I will not reach large crowds. Jesus said, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. This is the harvest field that I see. It may not be much, but without Christ they will perish. In spite of the seemingly small harvest field, the Lord has given me children over the past ten years who have come and trusted Christ as their Savior. Many of them are excited to come back each summer and learn more about the Lord. I have several young people now who are too old to come to Bible Club, but they always come and ask if they can help. This is a very needy and very ripe harvest field. On an average summer I will be in 15 to 20 communities reaching between 200– 300 children. Typically, depending on the distances involved, each week I will travel to three different outports and hold a one-hour Bible Club in each place each day. The next week I go to three different outports. In some of these communities, I may only have two or three children, but they are children who need to hear the Gospel. Some may consider it a waste of time and resources to drive hundreds of kilometres to reach so few, but I am thankful that we have a God who cares about each one of these children individually. There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over ONE sinner that repenteth. I believe God has sent me to reach these forgotten few. Many of these children have never heard of the name of Jesus other than when it was being used as a curse word. I have actually had children go home and tell their parents that I was swearing simply because I mentioned the name of Jesus. Some of them come from such broken homes that they are thrilled to learn the simple truth that Jesus loves them. Just this summer I had a little girl tell me that she couldn't bring a Bible to Bible Club because she didn't know what a Bible was. How precious it is to introduce these children to the treasure of God's Word. Number 1, 2012 BIMI WORLD 5