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Here are two testimonies from “the few.” My name is William Squibb from Carbonear, Newfoundland. At the age of five, I was introduced to the Baptist church. Pastor Simons used to come and pick up the kids from my street for AWANA. At that time, I began to attend. I heard the Gospel several times before I really understood what it meant to be saved. It was not until I was nine years old when Pastor Simons and Mr. Martin again explained the Gospel to me that I received Christ as my Saviour. The next year, I moved off that street and lost contact with the church. When I was eleven, a friend moved onto my street who was a member of the church, and I began to attend again. A year later, he moved away and I lost interest in going to church. At the age of fourteen, Miss Kelli tried to get me to come again. At that time they were having weekly youth activities that I would go to. It was then that I began to really get involved and started faithfully attending all the church 6 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2012