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CARIBBEAN From Voodoo to Jesus Christ By Jeff Garrison In recent years the island nations of Haiti In August 2011, I received a phone call from and the Dominican Republic have been in the our Haitian national, Pastor Gary, asking me to news due to the tremendous earthquake that come and pray with him. After arriving at the devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in January office, I was informed that one of our members 2010. Over two hundred fifty thousand people in the Haitian church wanted us to visit a man lost their lives. The government of Haiti who was a witch doctor. I was not able to make estimates only ten percent of the rubble has the visit so I sent Gary to investigate. When been cleaned up. Gary returned, he told me the young man My wife, Traci, and I have been missionaries indeed was practicing Voodoo. Again we had with BIMI in the Dominican Republic for prayer in my office. Gary and I went to see ten years. We have seen this devastation first the man because he only speaks Creole and I hand—but we have seen a greater devastation, only speak English and Spanish. After much the spiritual devastation from Satan. The people prayer and Bible reading the man renounced of the Dominican are plagued with alcoholism, his Voodoo and accepted Jesus Christ as his fornication, broken families and a religious Savior! We were able to witness a young man system based on works. Haiti is also besieged go from bones to the Bible, from the blood of by false religions such as Spiritism, Voodoo chickens to the Blood of the Lamb! This former and a belief that works can save them. Many witch doctor's name is Odenel and he has been ask if we have personally encountered Voodoo. faithfully attending Bible Study and church The answer is yes. In fact as we celebrated the services. Odenel told us, “I felt so heavy and birth of the Savior in December, many in Haiti dark while in Voodoo, but I didn't know where and the Dominican Republic were offering to look for help.” One of our faithful members animal sacrifices and asking favor from the god introduced Odenel to Pastor Gary and we were of darkness. Though it is not as prevalent on able to introduce him to Jesus! the Dominican side of the island we have had Gary, Odenel & Jeff contact with those practicing Voodoo. 8