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World Missions Center Re-tooling for Service By Ray Thompson I want to thank you for your prayer and financial support given to the ministry of missions through Baptist International Missions. It has been a privilege for my wife, Jean, and me to be a part of this wonderful faith Mission for 48 years. We went to the West Indies in 1955 as church planting missionaries, commissioned by Highland Park Baptist Church and Worldwide Faith Missions of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jean and I were both graduates of Tennessee Temple College. In 1964 we joined Baptist International Missions. I was appointed to serve as the Caribbean Director and commissioned to help expand the work of Baptist missions throughout the West Indies. In 1977 I was asked by BIMI leadership to direct the Caribbean ministry from the BIMI World Ray, Jean, Cathy & Steve Missions Center. This gave opportunity to promote missions in churches and schools via meetings and conferences in America as well as other parts of the world. Before relocating to Chattanooga, we served in the Virgin Islands 22 years in church planting, Bible camp ministries, radio Candidate School 1964 Radio Broadcast Virgin Islands 9