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Late spring time reminds us of birth and new growth. As the flowers blossomed and the blueberries sweetened, Joy and I were blessed to have two more grandsons added to our family. Our hearts are thrilled. God has been good to us in the Caribbean and we are seeing Him bless in a multitude of ways. In February the Allen Grubber family packed and headed to San Francisco de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. In May Wes Bartley finalized his check-out at the Home Office. His family is now on the island of St. Lucia. This year's Candidate School had 63 participants. Candidate School provided us the opportunity to see Chad and Cynthia Pape and family and Kevin Field. Already, each of them is progressing well on their deputation. Joseph and Donna Childers were accepted as new BIMI missionaries to Grenada. Their presence in Grenada will open another island for BIMI. Kevin Field Joseph & Donna Childers Right after Candidate School, Joy and I rushed home to repack and fly out to the Dominican Republic. Dr. and Mrs. Creed joined us for a wonderful time with our missionaries. Bryan and Pam Miller and Brian and Niki Lott came to challenge us in the Lord's work. Swante and Linda Lindquist joined us from Jamaica. The time together was encouraging and challenging. On the first night we honored Dr. and Mrs. Creed for their 18 years of service as the Caribbean Director. Missionaries from all over the Caribbean honored Brother Creed with a gift of $1,200. This year's field conference was especially sweet as everyone worked together to make it a very memorable one. 2 Islander – No 2, 2012