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Although Dr. Creed has changed his position to Caribbean International Representative, he will be working very closely with me. It is our prayer that we can be of greater help to all of our BIMI missionaries in the Caribbean. Dr. Creed has a burden to see more churches started and pastored by nationals throughout the Caribbean. If you need help with your Bible institute or with training your nationals, please call Dr. Creed and seek his help. Dr. Creed and I will continue to work as a team, and we want to be a blessing to each of you. Before we could take a breath, Camp BIMI was in high gear. The first week we had 49 participants and the second week we had 29. God blessed richly. One college age lady was saved, and many young people found where God wanted them to serve. Joy and I consider these two weeks special as we make new friends and co-laborers. We were specially blessed to have Elias Givens (son of missionary Alexis and Consuelo Givens) with us at camp. He became a special friend to everyone and we thought about adopting him as our son. It is our prayer that each MK (missionary kid) will have the opportunity to attend Camp BIMI. Elias Givens CAMP BIMI 2012 Islander – No 2, 2012 3