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Four years ago we started the Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Vietnam, Dominican Republic, with Pastor Alexis and his wife Zaida. (Their daughter, Andrea, was born since.) Two years ago we started the Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Los Frailes, with Pastor Jose Manuel, his wife Judith, and their two sons, Angelo and Junior. Two years ago Brother Wellington accepted the pastorate of the Resurrection Baptist Church, with his wife, Jenny. This past January we started the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Loma de Cabrera, Dominican Republic, with Pastor Felo and his wife, Rafaelina. All of these churches are doing great and have a vision to start churches all over the country and the world. I am convinced that the best way to plant churches here in the Dominican Republic is to pray for laborers in our local church/es, train those whom God calls in our Bible college and our local church ministry, and then work together with them as trained and prepared laborers in starting these new churches with a pastor put in place immediately upon founding the new church. Dr. Pat Creed and Pastor Mike Creed have helped me with much valuable counsel in many areas of the direction of our Bible college since its beginning. Because of the low income levels of the Dominican people and because of the danger of travelling at night and the lack of transportation in the evening hours, the Lord has impressed upon our hearts to have smaller Bible colleges in different strategic areas and to bring the teachers there instead of trying to bring all of the students to one centralized location. Three semesters ago we started a second Bible college in Vietnam with Pastor Alexis. Pastor Joshua Wesson will be starting a Bible college at his church in Villa Mella this September, and we are praying towards starting a Bible college soon in Loma de Cabrera, which is five hours from the capital, with Pastor Felo. Please pray with us as we pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest. What an exciting thing it is to see the hand of God working in the planting of Gospel preaching, life-changing, independent, fundamental Baptist churches here in the Dominican Republic. Maybe God would have you become a more integral part of this ministry. May God richly bless you! Islander – No 2, 2012 7