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Nations The Magazine Nations try to al Bible Minis Internation The E D I TO R I A L JAMES RAY, Editor Forgotten !!! And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone...and they were forgotten in the city where they had so done. Ecclesiastes 8:10 Magazine got! ple that Time For Reaching the Peo A Publication of Baptist International Missions, Inc. The 100+Nations Ministry In the early 1920s a young couple caught a vision of reaching the abandoned and forgotten Miao people of West China. Some of the tribes there lived in caves and lived as bandits. These tribes were not Chinese but a historic indigenous people group. The couple left by ship for China. In China they traveled by riverboat up the Yangtze River as far as they could go. In the foothills of the high mountains of West China, the missionaries started a church. The missionary trekked into the mountains and was captured by the Miao bandit cave dwellers. During his capture the missionary ministered to the spiritual needs of his captors. In time, the bandit tribes were reached for Christ. When the Japanese invaded China, many of the converted bandits fled to other regions taking Christ with them. These converts were successful in bringing the Gospel to those countries south of the Chinese border. The forgotten people of West China who for generations had lived and died in darkness now experienced the wondrous event of LIGHT. In 1927 the missionary wife gave birth to a son whom they named Dan— Dan Truax. Dan Truax attended Bible college in America, met Mary his wife and together they followed the footsteps of Dan's parents in taking the Gospel to “forgotten tribes”— this time in Africa. Serving as BIMI's first Africa Director, Dan launched the “Sahara Project” to take Christ to the people that time forgot. Recently I traveled to North Carolina to see Dan...for the last time. Even though it was a long drive, I could not miss the homegoing service of a man who with his wife, Mary, lived without reservation for others... OTHERS FORGOTTEN. The International Bible Ministry Volume 3, Number 2 James Ray making a special presentation to Dan Truax on the occasion of his 80th birthday at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC