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Honoring Dan Truax “The reason I was born in China was that I wanted to be near my mother.” — Dan Truax a remote secret cave. Eventually a work was established with born again converts. Dan's mother, Prudence, died in 1930 when Dan was only six years old. Dan and Mary met at Toccoa Falls Bible College, Edgar a were married in 1949 nd Pru de and left for Africa in holding nce Truax Dan (photo 1950. They served about 1 927) three terms in the Sahara Desert. Dan Truax was born of In 1967 Dan missionary parents in Kweichow became Africa Director for BIMI. Province of South West China. His When BIMI asked his former mission father, Edgar, moved the family to agency, Sudan Interior Mission, for a Songtao, a city populated by both reference the reply was “without res- Chinese and Miao. Edgar Truax ervations.” Mary Truax said to James trekked many thousands of miles over rugged mountains. He was attacked by Ray at Dan's homegoing service, “He was a perfect husband.” Dan described bandits at least eight times and once Mary to many as his “most precious was captured and held for 10 days in treasure.” Only eternity will be able to measure the influence of Dan Truax on the lives of others. The comments below are but representative of what so many others could write. Rev. Terry Arp: “Dan Truax was one of the most joyful men I ever knew. I never heard him complain or saw him discouraged even when he came to visit us in the Sahara Desert.” Dr. Ron Bragg: “Dan Truax was truly a one of a kind servant of God. I have seen him heartbroken for others, but never have I seen him without the joy of the Lord. He has been an encouragement to me and to thousands of others. It would be difficult to know how many people he has influenced for missions.” Dr. W. Melvin AikeN: Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC: “Dr. Truax has had the greatest influence on Tabernacle for missions of any other missionary we have supported.” “ Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime. And, departing, leave behind us... Footprints on the sands of time ! ” — Henry Wadsworh Longfellow NATIONS • 9