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new job. The answer is a new life, the new life of a born again child of God. While they seek to go out in search of something that will not change their lives, would you instead be willing to come to Mexico City? More than 19 million people need to hear the message of the Gospel. Mark Whiffen & Family Perhaps many feel unqualified to participate in such an endeavor. May I tell you that this very thought is the reaction of each faithful servant of God that I know? The work of the missionary is much more than preaching. It involves teaching others to walk with God. It involves mourning with those you have grown to love. It involves answering the most difficult questions and responding to the most difficult situations. Will you respond? Will you be a beacon of light in a great city? And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us (Acts 16:9). Will you help us? W compare for Mexico City and for Georgia, Michigan and New York. 1 Europe 50,000 Missionaries from U.S. to Germany by Walter Hornung In a small German Bavarian village on yearning for the war to end. During the three- March 23, 1938, a baby boy was born to the day fight to capture our village, more than cabinetmaker and his wife. Unfortunately, his two-thirds of the houses and buildings were mother, his sister, and either burned down or he had to live for years destroyed by grenades. without their dad for he Many ugly noises and was forced to go to war. pictures are still in my Life was difficult with- mind. Finally, the Amer- out the provider, hus- icans did capture the band, and father. village and, with relief For this little and rejoicing, some of German boy, war was the women embraced very “natural.” He did the American soldiers, not know what peace knowing that soon the was. The bombing of the war would be over. We nearby city, the hysteri- children quickly learned cal crying of the women, some English words. The Walter and Thrasilla Hornung and the planes in the first ones were “choco- air trying to shoot each other down were just late,” “chewing gum,” “candy” and “oranges.” part of life. When he was told not to go outside We became little beggars. The American sol- when the planes were fighting and shooting, he diers were eager to give us sweets and throw said, “Nothing will hit me for I am so small and gum and oranges from their trucks to us. there are houses, streets, and fields to be hit….” Life slowly started to become more I was that little boy. normal. We were governed by a temporary While the Americans and the fighting American government. My uncle was appointed came closer to our village, the people were to be the driver for the American governor at 26 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2012