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Oceanic Bible Project Phase 1 of the Oceanic Bible Project was a complete success! The students and faculty of 46 high schools in the Malaita province of the Solomon Islands received their own copies of God's Word. There were 16,500 copies of the Scriptures distributed. The next phase of this project is ready to launch. Another 11,200 Bibles will be distributed in the schools on the island of Guadalcanal. Some funds are already in hand; however $25,000 is required to complete the project. Your help is needed to finish the task. W the nearby city. For my sister and me it was absolutely fantastic when my uncle visited us with the governor's great Cadillac and took us for a ride. Wow, we enjoyed that! For us chil- dren school started again, two and three times a week, three hours each time with eight grades in one big room. Some of the men of the vil- lage slowly came back from the prison camps, including my dad. All were very tired and dis- couraged. After six years in the war, there was no life left in him. He did not have enough energy to play or do anything with his son. When I was ten years old, something significant happened in our school. Each student was to receive his very own book. Until this time, all our books for learning belonged to the school. The book each one of us received was a Bible, and I was very excited to have my first, very own book. Many years later I discovered that the American Bible Society of New York gave money and the military government permission to print 50,000 Bibles. I received my “missionary” from the USA. Life in the small village became more unsatisfactory. I was bored and there was a longing for something I could not explain. I read many books of adventure. At the age of eighteen, I decided if I went to the USA, I might find what I was yearning for. One of my uncles who lived in America sponsored me. It was quite a change from our small village to the big city of Chicago. I did not go alone—my “missionary” was also in the suitcase. In the USA, things went very well for me. I immediately had a good job, money, friends, and a car; but what I was looking for I had not found—the emptiness was still there. I did not want to live like this my entire lifetime. God in His mercy turned me to His Word and my “missionary” started to speak to me. I read the Bible at every free minute I had for about six weeks. It showed me that I was a sinner before a holy God. It showed me the love of God, and it showed me that Jesus Christ died for me and my sins. One evening I knelt beside my bed and asked the Lord to forgive my sins and come into my life and save me. I also surren- dered my life to His leading. A wonderful change took place in my life. The emptiness was gone. I knew my sins were forgiven and that I was on my way to heaven. I thought I was the only saved person in the entire city of Chicago! The Lord called me to preach his precious Word. He gave me my precious wife, Thrasilla. She was my first convert. The Lord called us to be missionaries to Germany and we arrived for the first time in Germany on June 19, 1970. I thank the Lord for my personal “missionary” from USA! W originally printed in Europe magazine, volume 2, 2010 Number 2, 2012 BIMI WORLD 27