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Europe The Gospel on DVD by Julio Velasquez My wife and I have been missionaries for 32 years. We first served in Spain for 14 years and then in Venezuela until three years ago when we returned to Spain to begin a new ministry. Since then we have been working along with our grown children and their spouses in Parla, a city just south of Madrid. We have endeavored to think outside of the box in order to try to reach our city for Christ.  We prayed about starting a distribution ministry as one way to reach out to the people of Parla. Through the concerted efforts of our son-in-law, Jeffrey Andrews, and our son, David Velasquez, we were able to produce a quality DVD that clearly presents the Gospel through a short clip entitled “A Man Fell into a Hole.” In this presentation a man who is hopelessly trapped in a deep hole is visited by men representing different world religions and philosophies. Each one tells the man what he should do in order to get out of the hole. We purchased a DVD duplicator and began the process of duplicating 50,000 DVDs. We then spent three months, two days a week, putting these DVDs into the mailbox of every home in Parla. The population in Parla is around 130,000. Since most people live in apartment buildings, we would ring the doorbell of one of the apartments and when they asked who it was, we would say, “We have informative mail, can you please let us in?” Most would let us in and we were able to put the DVDs into each mailbox.  The next year we obtained 50,000 John and Roman booklets and put them together into packets along with the Gospel tract that we printed, “Are You a Good Person?” We also included a postcard bearing our church address and website. Our goal is to do some kind of literature distribution every year so every person in this city will 6 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2012