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songs and Scripture memory. The following Sunday we invited the parents to come see their children receive their awards from the work they did during the week. The children were excited to share the songs and Scriptures that they learned in VBS, and their parents were able to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. Pray that these parents will come to Christ. Josh and Joy Wesson (Dominican Republic) F Summer was quite busy for us. Antiguan school children get parts of July and August off for summer break, instead of June and July. In January a Christian group came by Antigua on a cruise ship and gave us suitcases full of children's sized flip flops and pencil bags with supplies. And so, at the beginning of June, we and other radio station members visited a local government elementary school and passed out these free gifts along with station program guides and tracts and performed a puppet script about the free gift of salvation. Nathan and Renee Owens (Caribbean Radio Lighthouse – Antigua) F We were very excited to have friends from Ben Salem Baptist Church with us. The graduating class of their Christian school elected to come and work for the Lord in Puerto Rico during their senior trip. Each morning we went and passed out booklets of Romans with the plan of salvation in the front portion. God blessed and we were able to distribute well over 1,000 of these in our town. This summer we also had the privilege to meet some new friends from Trinity Baptist Church in Oxford, Alabama. Our mission's director put us together and what a blessing they were. They conducted a weeklong Vacation Bible School for our children (young and old). Our youth helped with the preparations, and as always, our people quickly made lifetime friends. We had a great week with the church van coming in everyday full of bright and shiny young faces all excited about 10 Islander – No 2, 2013