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the Bible school. There were games, snacks, crafts, and of course the children's favorite, the puppets. Steve and Ann Buchanan (Puerto Rico) F We had a record graduation in Grace Baptist Bible School this year. It was a joy to see 27 men don graduation regalia on June 8 and receive their diplomas after five years of study with us. We are anticipating another great year for this ministry of training nationals to preach, to plant churches and prepare others to do the same. There are five national pastors who have completed Bible school that teach with Benji and me in our three different Bible School Centers. Pray with us as we are looking to facilitate the beginning of a new center this coming year and for the construction of our library building. On June 29 Bridgitt finished another cycle of training Sunday school teachers with nine students completing the course, and these will be awarded their certificates during a Sunday morning worship service soon. Praise the Lord for souls saved at Independent Baptist Church during the Family Life Conference. One man came forward during the invitation and was saved. He had been on my prayer list for ten years! A week after he was saved, his woman confessed faith in Christ, too, praise the Lord! Now, we will be “teaching them to observe all things” i.e., get married, baptized and become faithful productive church members and true disciples of Jesus like in Matthew 28:20. Don and Bridgett Dryden (Haiti) F The Lord has been doing wonderful things for us. We have enjoyed a multitude of blessings in these past weeks. Our church normally distributes about 10,000 tracts a year, but in just three months we have given out 5,000 tracts. I am excited! In May we had “Visitor's Month.” God gave us 21 visitors who came for our family and 11 others that came off the streets. This was a wonderful encouragement for us. Pray for them that they might Islander – No 2, 2013 11