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grow in the Lord since most of them claim to have already trusted Christ as Savior. A new adult convert! Brother Jeffrey Bruce invited a longtime friend of his named Glynne Ince to church. Glynne came to church on a Sunday morning and then again that same evening and then again for the Wednesday services. We have been teaching the people how to lead a soul to Christ on Wednesday. We would break up into small groups and we would work on a portion of the plan of salvation each week. Well, when Glynne came that Wednesday, I took him for my partner. I simply gave him the plan of salvation and as we got to the end, Glynne bowed his head and very humbly trusted Christ. Then he raised his head and turned to the others that night and said, “Hey folks, I just received eternal life.” It was a time of joy and praise to the Lord! That was a number of weeks ago, and Glynne is still faithful to the Lord and to church. Robert and Rhoda Smith (Barbados) F I celebrated a very important milestone on June 9. I taught Sunday school entirely in Spanish! I was long-winded and the message lasted all of 14 minutes! Nonetheless, it was a thrill to get that first experience under my belt. In addition to my regular classes, I tutor twice a week and we are already preparing more messages for future opportunities. Pray that we will learn the language well so that we can preach the Gospel with great plainness of speech. Tim & Sharon Fluegges (Dominican Republic - in language school in Costa Rica) F In the Dominican Republic, Pastor Merido Corcino of the Central Baptist Church in Constanza is working with national pastors to build a new church in Paso Bajito. This is up in the mountains near Jarabacoa. They have the floor, walls, and rafters for the roof in place. They lack the tin for the roof, windows, and doors to finish the building. Pray for this need. Two hundred doctrines books have been packaged and shipped to Texas for use in Mexico by pastors and church leaders there. It is a great blessing to know that Dr. Mark Cambron, Spanish Literature Ministry, and others are teaching these great biblical truths all over the world through the use of the printed page. The Mysteries of the New Covenant book is being printed right now and soon 12 Islander – No 2, 2013