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Rico Baptist College, where I served as Vice President and Professor, I spoke to a student body from around the world preparing to serve God. What a blessing! During my time in Puerto Rico, I visited the two churches that I founded in Bayamon and Carolina. Both churches are doing well. It was exciting to see people still faithful to Christ after these many years. On my last Sunday on the island, I preached in Carolina to a packed church. Dr. Gen Foster (BIMI ARM ministry – Caribbean) F During the last two months we have seen nine people make decisions for Christ during our Monday night visitation. One Monday evening as we left the church to make visits, one of our leaders suggested we go see the mother of three precious girls who have been attending our church faithfully. Clara had been searching for the Truth about God and had been visited often by many of the sects that canvass our neighborhood on a regular basis. But something just did not seem right. When we knocked on her door, she invited us all in to chat (we visit in huge groups—for some reason it works for us). We sat with her and explained, beginning in Genesis, how God had a perfect plan for her life that would start when she invited Christ into her life as her Lord and Savior. We carefully explained the Good News to her, and she was quick to receive it. She has been coming to church and is paired up with a lady who is now discipling her. The blessing of seeing people come into the family of God never gets old! Michael and Anna Doering (Dominican Republic) F It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord's timing is always perfect. We were coming back from a meeting in Pennsylvania when I received a phone call. The person's brother had just attempted suicide the night before and was in the area where we were. The Lord worked it out to have that man to be staying down the street from where our family stays when we are in Maryland. I was able to go and visit with him, and after about 14 Islander – No 2, 2013