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SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS David reminds us that rain is a blessing from God. In Psalm 68:9 he wrote: Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain, whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance, when it was weary. Even in a day of difficulty, the Lord rains upon us His blessings and distributes His inheritance to us. While in the Dominican Republic with Erik and Holly Johnson, God poured out his blessings in a unique way. Iglesia Bautista de La Verdad had been meeting on the second floor of a small mall. Erik heard that a beautiful church had been vacated, so we went to see what it looked like. Upon investigating, we found a perfect location and facility for the church. A Korean group owned the old Presbyterian facility, and they were happy to loan it to Erik and the folks at Iglesia Bautista de La Verdad. In exchange for some simple repairs and up-keep, the church has use of the facility for two years without rent. Erik shared that since the move, their attendance has soared and a number of folks have been saved. God is raining down his blessings so that there might be more fruit harvested. Since their transistion to a new location, the Lord provided an opportunity to purchase land in a prime location. The church had been saving money for such an opportunity, and the purchase is complete. They are now planning and saving for the day they will be able to build their own building. While in the Dominican Republic, I was able to visit the work in Vietnam de la Mina. Pastor Alexis Remirgio presented the need for Sunday school classrooms and a larger auditorium. A Christian endowment fund has provided half of the funds for this project, that is located in one of the worst sections of Santo Domingo. Just a few years ago, this church was only a dream, but now it is flourishing. Many have come to know Christ as their Savior, and an extension Bible institute is planned in this “barrio.” Pray with us that this will soon be a reality. We see God raining down His blessings here in the capital of the Dominican Republic. Before leaving the Dominican Republic, Erik and I were able to visit Jeff and Traci Garrison in Jarabacoa. We saw what God is doing in this quaint town in 2 Islander – No 2, 2013