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A Faithful Testimony By Joy Sprunger Early in May, Karen Martin invited me to speak at their Mothers and Daughters Tea at Berean Baptist Church in Elberta, Alabama. The decorations were a backdrop of various traditional and modern day hats that ladies wear, even including a military and police hat. Also each table was set with beautiful Victorian china and the husbands served scones, delicate sandwiches, cookies, tea and coffee. I spoke about various hats missionary women wear. We focused on the crowns we will lay at Jesus' feet. What fun it was to have this joyous memory and share it with my daughter-in-law, Diana! The ladies related to the roles we play with the hats that Karen described in the program. On Mother's Day morning, we had the rare privilege to sit with Mom and Dad Sprunger in church. It is always an honor to be with them. Mom is 85 and Dad is 87. Their prayers, love and encouragement through the last 43 years have been golden. They have demonstrated to our family a high standard of faith and faithfulness. On Mother's Day evening we ministered with Pastor Joel and Sandra Almaroad at Grace Baptist Church. Gary and Joel had served together on a Christian Karate team in college. Later in May, Gary preached the commencement message at Open Door Baptist Church. His message on Timothy's training related to our role today as soldiers of the cross of Jesus and stirred my heart to keep our faithful banner high. In Candidate School we met Tausha, Kevin Field's new bride. Her testimony was a blessing. No doubt, she was an answer to prayer for Kevin. They are now filling in for the Longs in Trinidad. We also saw Donna Childress who is expecting her first child. She and Joseph have started deputation. It is exciting to see the faithful vision of these young candidates. Later in June while Gary ministered in Haiti, our daughter Faith joined me for her vacation week at home. She brought her friend Elizabeth, a single mom, and her triplet seven year old daughters along for a vacation. I enjoyed playing with them and sharing Bible stories and songs. During the two weeks at CAMP BIMI, many surrendered to the Lord. We rejoice that Sarah Parks from our home church and Rebecca and Jonathan Gossett were able to attend. Last Sunday we visited Michael and Teresa Hart in Cantonment, Florida. Michael was sent home from the hospital with advanced cancer to await his homegoing. God used this couple to plant a church in the Vera Cruz area of Mexico, but it is yet to be seen the outcome of Michael's faithful testimony during his battle with cancer. God has used his influence on many folks. I am reminded that I, too, need to be faithful to use the opportunities I have to influence people for Christ. Might we ask ourselves, “What kind of influence do I have?” 4 Islander – No 2, 2013