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FISHING FOR SOULS ON SATURDAY by Robert Smith Every Saturday morning, a group of teens and adults from our church will go door-to-door soul winning. Our son and daughter (Buddy and Becca) have gone with us since they were small. Because Buddy and Becca are not yet teenagers, their soul winning partner will often do much of the talking. Well, recently Becca came across some kids that were just suited for her. So she witnessed to the three young girls and the two older ones understood well enough to trust Christ as their Savior. It was a delightful moment for Becca! Those young girls are from separated parents and they are often shuttled between their father and mother and from one home to another. Pray that we would be able to get them into church, that we could show them the love of God and His stability in our lives. 6 Islander – No 2, 2013