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In July we hosted our first ever Youth Conference. This three-day- event was centered on the theme, “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” Our goal was to reach the lost young people of our community. With the help of Calvary Baptist Church of Grey, Georgia, and two local Baptist pastors, we saw 15 young people make professions of faith in Christ. Many more made positive decisions to serve the Lord. We also praise the Lord that He provided us a property to build upon. Pray with us that we will soon be able to build. Erik and Holly Johnson (Dominican Republic) F Since last year we have been working with Brother Terry Trippe, a preacher from Georga who has a great burden for the Dominican Republic. We organized an evangelistic campaign with ten missionaries and national pastors. We planned to meet in Los Guaricanos where pastor Samuel Ovalle, a man from our church, has started a new work. The area of two and one half square miles has over 200,000 people. As the day came we were met with many complications. The devil was fighting each step of the way. The building that we had scheduled had to be renegotiated. Finally, we moved the adults to an open basketball court for the first night and it rained halfway through the meeting. Electricity was very unstable. One of the gymnasium's lights had a bird's nest which caught fire and rained ashes beside the podium. We almost had a riot over a small prize in the children's meeting, but in spite of all the obstacles, the Lord worked in a very special way and over 200 trusted Christ as their Savior. The last week of July we held our Vacation Bible School. It was great to see the participation and enthusiasm on the part of our people as we prayed and prepared for Bible school. We thank the Lord for the fruit that He gave as we saw 16 children come to know Christ as their Savior. We had four teams, each headed by our teens. The teenagers did a good job this year, helping by motivating their teams and teaching the Islander – No 2, 2013 9