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By Kaye Jones The prophet Jeremiah said in Lamentations: mine eye affecteth my heart. Several years ago a missionary couple working with the military gave me a small toy soldier, asking me to put it where I would see it regularly and pray for the soldiers. I sat it on the ledge above my kitchen sink and there it has been. It has been a constant reminder of a prayer request and a reminder of the young men going off to battle around the world. It did remind me to pray for them. We were asked to participate in a missions conference at Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia. The church is near Fort Benning Army Base. On Saturday morning the pastor took the missionary families to the museum at the army base. There were also men from the base going through the museum as part of an assignment for basic training. At one exhibit I stood alongside four young men. They all seemed to be in their early twenties. I spoke to them for a few minutes and then asked where they were headed when leaving Fort Benning and basic training. One of the young men said he was headed to Germany. Looking at him, I thought of how brave he must be, how young he looked, how polite he was to me and his dignified way of standing straight and tall as he talked with me. Then, it hit my heart that this young man was on his way somewhere else in the world, possibly to go into battle and never return to his home. He looked so young to face what may be ahead of him, but he seemed ready to move on from basic training. The soldiers were in small groups moving together from exhibit to exhibit. As I came across the group of four young soldiers that I talked with earlier, I began to think about the journey they had ahead of them and especially the young man going to Germany. Was he a Christian? Where was he from? Where was he going? If he died in battle, would he have a home in heaven? The little toy soldier on my kitchen counter now has a “face,” the face of the young man leaving Fort Benning for Germany. I do not know his name, but I remember his face and how God touched my heart in just the brief conversation I had with him. Will you join us in prayer and in support of BIMI military ministries as they work with the military near US military bases around the world? W Kaye Jones is the wife of BIMI Central America director Terry Jones. Number 3, 2012 BIMI WORLD 15