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Far East Too Far From Home By David Harris I wonder—is the Far East scaring people away from ministry opportunities? I only ask because of the word—far. Maybe somewhere a young person desiring to be used of God in a needy part of the world may turn away because the Far East or some other place is just—too far away! Just maybe you are thinking if you follow God, it might be a little too far from home! Seriously, I do not think anyone would be distracted by the word far, but I am curious as to why so few are surrendering to go into all the world? Could it be some parts of the world are more glamorous or filled with adventure? Certainly, that cannot be true! No one would claim to choose the will of God for his life because a place might be a little too far away, would he? Well, maybe no one but me! I recall growing up in church, being inspired by missionaries from around the world and desiring to go with them to their countries. At every missions conference I surrendered to go—that is, until the day the Lord called me! In my early days, even before I knew of a place called the Far East, that part of the world was very appealing. I grew up in Hawaii, the son of a career Marine. Dad was sent to Hawaii for two tours and forced his family to accompany him. I was only one year old when my family moved there and almost nine when we left—with a year in between in Norfolk, Virginia. One lesson I learned was that even though Uncle Sam told my dad when and where to go, it was God who controlled the timing and the location. Growing 20 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2012