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Southeast Asia Jim Civale with taxi drivers “Should I take the car with me or leave it behind?” By Jim Civale This is what I asked myself as I prepared to take the ferry from our island to the next to go to the capital. “The cost of taking the car would probably even out with the cost of taxis and it would be a lot more convenient,” I reasoned. Nevertheless, I felt impressed to leave it behind. An hour and a half later when I disembarked on the other side, the usual crowd of taxi drivers shoving and shouting to get their fares greeted the throng of passengers. In the midst of that chaos, a young man I had never met before caught my attention. “Pastor, do you need a cab?” He asked. With that I handed him my suitcase and followed him to his car. The ID hanging from his mirror told me his name was Jason; the rosary told me he was Roman Catholic. “Lord, guide this conversation,” I silently prayed. We weren't out of the parking lot when Jason asked if he could ask me some questions. He was Catholic but was questioning his church, he told me. He was not living the way he should, he confessed, and wanted to know how to make a real change. His wife and mother-in-law were Jehovah's Witnesses and were trying to persuade him to convert, but he knew that wasn't right either. “Do you have any advice for me, pastor?” Praise God, it was not long before we were simultaneously traveling down the road to town and the Roman's Road. When we arrived at my destination, I paid Jason and motioned to leave. “Pastor,” he said, “Please don't go. I want to say that prayer you told me about on the road. Can you teach me how?” Hallelujah! There in his Hyundai in the small village of Vaoala, on the island of Upolu, Jason placed his faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. Praise God for Jason's salvation! At the same time, pray to God for more laborers. Ask God if you might be one of those laborers He is calling to Samoa. Jason's village is the better part of a day's travel by land and sea from us and there is no Gospel-preaching church anywhere near him. Jason told me his village has Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholic churches—but no church that tells people how to get saved. He said he wished someone would start a Bible study in his village because he has so many more questions and his family needs to hear the truth. W 24 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2012