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South America Stages of Life - Missionary Style by Clint Vernoy I have been reading prayer letters from missionaries in South America. Each ministry is different. Location, culture, language, and industry are just a few of many factors that distinguish a work. Some letters bring back memories of past years and others make me think of the future. I keep coming back to the idea of stages, like a Saturn V rocket. Incredibly, some young people don't even know what I am talking about. This generation knows about the Space Shuttle but has no clue about Gemini, Mercury and Apollo. Their knowledge is limited to a history lesson. It is difficult to truly understand something through which they did not live themselves. The Saturn V rocket was designed to take three men to the moon and back. The whole world stopped to watch the launch and a few weeks later, splashdown. Do you remember the tension of Apollo XIII—not the movie—real life? I was young, but I remember the astronauts climbing out of the capsule. Wow! I remember watching a launch at school. I was surprised when only a few minutes into the flight a massive portion of the rocket separated and dropped away. “That can't be good!” I thought. Then I learned that to reach the moon, stages of the rocket had to be left behind if they were to continue on. Solomon understood this as he wrote Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Picture by NASA 4