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Volume 13, Issue 1 SPRING 2013 The Far Reaching Ministry of a Church to the US Military by Steve and Frankie Nutt One of the most exciting and fruitful mission fields is to our US Military. We all know what a great impact these churches have had with our men and women stationed around the world. Something that may be overlooked at times is the far reaching and powerful effect a church to the US Military has overseas. At first glance, we realize that the missionaries to the military are there to reach and serve our military personnel at that location. It is wonderful to see our military people saved and serving the Lord in a local church overseas. But this is just the beginning of the great depth and result of this ministry. It is amazing to see what is done when these military people come together as a local church and begin to reach out with the Gospel in so many ways in their areas and around the world through Faith Promise Missions. We are featuring in this GI Banner some of the wonderful ways these great missionaries and model churches impact our world. Military Confinement Center Ministry by John Hornbeck On November 9, 2001, I was invited by Dr. Tom Lancaster to go with him to the United States Military Detention Facility, located in Mannheim, Germany. It was my first time and was also an experience that has left an imprint on my mind that I do not think that I will ever forget. The door made of large solid metal bars closed with a solid clanging sound—my thought was that I was glad that I was going to be able to leave. This ministry of Rhein River Baptist Church was to become an important part of my life for the next 11 years. The incarcerated individuals were there for crimes that one would find in any county jail. The facility is for the purpose of holding them until they could be tried for their crime(s) and then sentenced. They were there normally for six to eight weeks before being transferred to their final destination. Dr. James Kennard, Director Dr. Jeff Alverson, Assistant Director Al Sligh, Assistant Editor Every Tuesday we held a discipleship service, then on Thursday we held a preaching service. It was common to see individuals get saved in our discipleship service as well as our preaching service. I thank God we were freely permitted to preach the Gospel. Our service started with singing, then a time of testimonies, followed with more singing, then the time for preaching. Sometimes we were permitted to have special speakers and sometimes I would sing a special. Psalm 100:1 says, Make a joyful noise unto the LORD. Those who attended the services came from several categories: the religious, the backslidden Christians (some from good Christian homes), the unsaved and the newly saved. In our services we would often have people who had never attended a church service and those who did not claim to be religious or even to believe in God. Yet, we know that it was God who brought them there. I could tell you stories of men who had no place for God in their lives and got into trouble and were sent to the Confinement Center in Mannheim. Now they praise the Lord for their trouble because they heard 1 Corinthians 15:3–4: how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;