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And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. Now these inmates are saved and on their way to heaven. They start learning in our discipleship program how they are to live as a child of God. Now apply 2 Corinthians 5:17, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new, and you have an excited person in his new relationship with the Lord and other inmates see the difference. Bible studies and prayer groups were started. What an impact that made in the lives of sincere Christians and on the unsaved population in the Confinement Center! There were many things for which we praised and thanked the Lord. He always brought people into our services. We were not permitted to go to the cells and invite people to come. God mostly used other Christians and newly saved individuals to encourage others to come. There were times when no one came, but in eleven years these times were few and when they did start coming there seemed to be many that accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. I believe the reason was not only that we desired for souls to be saved also but that we lifted up Christ. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. (John 12:32). We met a man who had no place for God in his life. He was in Iraq and got into trouble and was sent to the Confinement Center. He attended our service because he was invited and it gave him something to do. After three or four services he accepted Christ into his life. This was before his trial. He admitted that his trouble was his own fault and that he deserved his punishment. He became faithful in his attendance, witness and life for the Lord. When his trial came, he was willing to accept whatever was handed down. God intervened and the man received a ten-year sentence with the possibility of parole after seven years. After he left, I heard that his crime could have brought him a life sentence. Another man attended our services because of the changed life of one of the new Christians. He came for several weeks and accepted the Lord as Savior. His life showed an amazing change. Satan began to attack him through his family. Sadly, his wife went to jail in Tennessee and his children were sent to live with his mother—that was not a good situation. His wife wanted a divorce. Things progressively got worse for him. We continued to pray for him and his stand and his wife's salvation. Then one day we heard that his wife got saved and things began to turn around for him. On Tuesday he was in our discipleship session and on Thursday I was told that Tuesday night this man made a decision to surrender his life to do whatever God wanted him to do. Wednesday his attorney came and told him that all charges were dropped and by Thursday he was on his way home to Tennessee. I was excited by a missions conference we had at Rhein River Baptist Church. I went to the Confinement Center and God changed my message for that day. I preached a challenging missions sermon to these inmates. Two were saved and one surrendered to whatever God wanted and one surrendered to be a missionary. I was walking on “cloud nine.” I stopped in the commanding officer's office and thanked him for allowing us to be there. He said that he was glad that we were there and appreciated the impact that we had among the inmates. I asked about his salvation. He shared that he was saved because of God's intervention when he was in Iraq. Under his direction his convoy took a different route that God had impressed upon him to take. There were no casualties. The convoy that came after him suffered heavy casualties. Based upon this he believed that God saved him. I mentioned that God did save his physical life and then that day I took the Bible and showed him God's plan and God saved his soul. He placed his trust in Jesus Christ and became a child of God. After eleven years of being used of God to preach the Gospel and minister to US Military in confinement, I have many things for which I can praise the Lord. One of them is being able to hear inmates praise and thank the Lord for being caught and sent to the Confinement Center in Mannheim, Germany.