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Local Outreach, Reaching Out Far By Rusty Pilalas Five years ago my family and I came to Heidelberg, Germany, to serve God in a military church. God has used us to bring service members and their families to Him and we praise Him for this great honor. Services on Board the USS Stethem DDG-63 by Cliff Cavales The Stethem Christian Fellowship (SCF) was organized on May 1, 2012, on board the USS Stethem DDG-63 while deployed in the Arabian Gulf during an 8-month deployment. The group started with five members. They gathered together on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays to sing songs to the Lord and shared praises and prayer requests in the small 50 square foot Robbie Stethem Room. Christians started inviting fellow steelworkers on board and the group grew to 25 members attending the service. We changed the group fellowships to regular services with an opening prayer, song service, prayer for prayer requests, a sermon, and a closing prayer. We also changed the venue to a bigger training room to accomodate all attendees. Operations Senior Chief Petty Officer Lerm Bethea and Gas Turbine Systems Master Chief Petty Officer Cliff Cavales led the weekly worship services on board Stethem. By the grace of Almighty God and the zealousness of all Christian steelworkers, seven sailors were led to understand God's plan of salvation and they accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. As the ship sails towards the tail end of her long deployment, the ministry continues to exalt the Lord in heaven, evangelize the lost, and edify the saints. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! About two months after we got here, the Lord impressed upon our hearts to start a singles ministry for the military GIs. We decided to have it on Friday nights when most of them are looking for something to do. Within days of setting the start date, we had our first contact, and to our surprise, it wasn't a GI. It was a student from Singapore. She came along with two other students. Heidelberg has thousands of English-speaking students from all over the world. Anna from Spain brought Marc from France and Rachel from New Zealand. Rachel brought Tarryn from Australia and Vicki from Russia. Tarryn brought Christine from Sweden and on and on. Anna, who was already saved, got baptized. Marc, Rachel, and Christine got saved. Praise the Lord!!! Nic from Germany is attending Bible college in the States. We have had many get saved, baptized and learn to serve the Lord in our church. There are anywhere from 10 to 30 who come on any given night. It thrills my heart to see Alex ushering and taking the count every service. He was a German student from Heidelberg three years ago when he first came as a visitor to our fellowship. The first thing we noticed about him was that he had rapper clothing on and an obscene picture on his t-shirt. He had never been in a church nor heard anything about the Bible. We were patient with him and after about four months the Holy Spirit convicted his heart and he was saved. We meet at 7 pm every Friday, 52 weeks of the year. It is a big commitment, but the Lord has blessed this ministry greatly. Very few of them drive, so they use public transportation, walk, bike, or we pick them up. Most nights start with a home cooked meal, then we have a devotion, and then we play games and fellowship together. Some nights we break off and do private counseling, if needed, but most of the time we just look for opportunities to get to know our people and love them. In the beginning we thought we should end it by 10 pm, but we found that the unsaved or more immature Christians would go out to bars in order to stay out longer. So, we started staying there with them till the wee hours of the morning. It has all been worth it. Many have returned to their countries taking the Gospel with them. Where are the GIs we were originally burdened for? They come too, and we have had some saved, but most of the young adults are lonely students, far from home, with whom the Lord makes divine appointments on Friday nights. Local Outreach, Reaching Out Far Tracting Outreach of Yokosuka Baptist Church It has been the pleasant task and our weekly joy for the men of our church to post a tracting watch outside the gates of the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan. Passing out Gospel tracts and soul winning across the street from the base give an amazing opportunity to share Christ with many people, especially those with whom we work but cannot approach on the job. We are privileged to be able to share Christ with them as they pass by us on the way to the night spots. We have had a good number of men and women put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ right outside the base gates. We have also seen many people who were looking for a good church. More than 10,000 active duty and 15,000 civilians come through these gates on a regular basis, so it is a superb spot for sailors to “cast a net” and bring the “catch” to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jim Vallance – Yokosuka, Japan