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Hospital Outreach to Wounded Truitt Soldiers by Chuck What a tremendous blessing the Lord gives to His servants who have surrendered to BIMI's Military Ministry! It's exciting also to see His guiding hand in sending military folks and their families to places in preparation for the future. Here is an example of God's foresight as He issued orders through Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington, D.C., to a Marine Sergeant. For a couple years in the latter half of the 1990s, Sgt. Dan Whisnant and his family were part of Missionaries Chuck and Linda Truitt's ministry on Okinawa, Japan, where Dan was stationed with a 3rd MarDiv Intelligence unit. Jumping forward to the fall of 2004, the Lord moved the Truitts from their nearly two decade long ministry on Okinawa; there they had ministered to thousands of military folks, most of them Marines. But now, the Lord had some outstanding plans for them in Mannhein, Germany. It just so happens that they were placed just a little more than an hour away from the Military Hospital at Landstuhl. That hospital handled all of the injured military personnel from Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Europe before they were sent further on to various hospitals back in the States. By the time 2006 came around, Dan Whisnant was a Major and a company commander in Fallujah, Iraq (a very hot spot). The Major contacted his former pastor shortly after arriving in Iraq with his unit concerning his first combat casualty who was on his way to the hospital at Landstuhl. After a series of visits to the hospital and Lance Corporal Bueno, Pastor Truitt reported back to the Major with the good news that Bueno was doing better and had also prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. During the period of the next few months and numerous trips between Mannheim and Landstuhl, there were many servicemen to whom they ministered, and 14 wounded or sick men who had prayed to received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Great will be Dan Whisnant's rewards in heaven for serving the Savior Whom he loves! In addition to Major Whisnants' wounded Marines, there were many others ministered to, some of whom also received Christ. Many stories could be told, but I think just a couple excerpts of two email correspondences between Pastor Truitt and Major Whisnant concerning two other wounded Marines will pretty much present an understanding of what took place: -----Original Message----- Subject: Re: LCpl Derks, Jason Greetings Dan, Got back to Mannheim from Landstuhl about 2000 hrs this evening. The weather is real cool and wet, but not freezing, I think about 34 degrees. I'm glad the car has a nice heater. It compliments the “go real fast” ability on the autobahn (which I take full advantage of). Today was a bit of a hassle because of the distance from Kleber Bks (where they have some of the wounded patients quartered), and the hospital is about 20 to 25 minutes distant if the traffic is decent. I ended up going back and forth more than I really wanted, but I needed to take care of a couple other things too while in the area. They've got a lot of construction there right now, but finally I caught up with Derks about 1630 at the hospital in the waiting area of the Marine Liaison office. I believe that I've got a pretty good handle on the system, locations, and layout of it all now. They've got some decent Marines that work there, and they are very helpful. Derks is taking a lot of pills for the discomfort and reminds me of a kid on Ritalin—a little sedated—but still mentally active, just not acutely aware of things. I talked to him for a couple hours and just sat and had small conversation with him. As we talked, I asked him if he attended church. “Yes,” he said. Shortly after which he asked me about Baptist doctrine and what we believed. Heh, heh, what an opportunity! At 1755 hrs Derks was praying and asking Christ to forgive him of his sins and come into his heart and save him. So the end result is that an enemy IED in the long run and in a round about way was the catalyst that brought LCpl Derks to call on Jesus to save him. At about 1915 I walked with him most of the way to where he had a CAT scan scheduled at 1930 hours. I prayed, once again, with him and left him just before his scheduled appointment. By the way, I met Sgt Kendrick Doezema there (another of your guys), who was just checking in, and had a talk with him and prayed with him too. I think I detected the Holy Spirit already in that young man. He was really happy that I visited and prayed with him too. I think he's doing well, just an AK round that penetrated his leg, and he's just needing some recuperation time and a bit of therapy. Sgt Doezema is quartered in the hostess house next to the hospital, so he doesn't have the hassle of the distance to Kleber Bks like Derks does. Both of those guys have great attitudes, and are looking forward to getting back to their unit. They especially like their Company Commander! On the way to the hospital, I stopped at a German market and bought a bunch of German chocolate and gave it all to those guys about evenly. I also gave each a signed copy of my book, Pop A Yellow Smoke. (Man I love this job!!!!! I think I'll re-up!) Respectfully, Chuck Truitt sends