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-----Return Message from Major Whisnant----- Subject: Re: LCpl Derks, Jason Pastor Truitt, You beat me to the punch on Doezema. I was going to email you today to let you know that he was transferred up there yesterday. I'm glad you were able to see both. Very exciting indeed about Derks accepting Christ as his Savior. I had this feeling the Lord would work that all out. I'm so glad and comforted that the Lord has you in Germany. I talked to Derks' mother and father last night and told them you would be visiting their son. It comforted them to know that a former Marine Gunny missionary/pastor was looking in on their son. I hope to get both of them back. They are very important to the company and I know it will do them good both mentally and emotionally to be back with their brothers here on the Peninsula. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to go see these guys. I know the Lord will continue to bless your ministry there in Germany. In one sense I don't want my guys to go to Germany because that means they have been injured and are hurting and I probably won't see most of them until I get back in the States. But I know that if they do go up there and they get an opportunity to meet you, the Gospel will be shared with them. You have become the unofficial Alpha Company, 1/24 Chaplain! Thank you and Semper Fi, Dan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also received were some letters from families back in the States of which the following is part of one: Dear Mr. Truitt, I am Tonya Caldwell... I am 12 years old. I just wanted to thank you for leading my daddy to our Lord. I have spoken to him many times about Jesus and prayed very hard for him to get the message. I am in much debt to you and I hold you in the highest respect. Thank you for doing what you do for others. You will have a crown of jewels in heaven and will be honored in our Lord's eyes as it says all through Proverbs, my favorite book of the Bible. You are so kind for considering our soldiers. I will be sure to keep you in my prayers and will tell others of what you have done. Our church will be so grateful. We will all remember you for your kindness, Mr. Truitt. Thank you ever so much. We are very grateful. Your sister in Christ, Tonya