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Eternal Encounter Mary Ray H is piercing cry shocked my mind back to the reality of where I was. Tears streamed down his tiny face as he sat in a small chair with a well-worn rope loosely tied around his waist. My eyes followed the shredded cord to a tightly-tied knot that was securely attached to a DUMPSTER. My first emotion was shock, which quickly turned to anger. How could anyone be so cruel as to tie a child to a dumpster? I paused and surveyed my surroundings. Brakes were squealing, horns were honking, venders were shout- ing as hundreds of people were scurrying along the streets making their way to shops, to offices, to restaurants and to 12 • NATIONS homes. Then I saw her―the child's mother. She was care- fully spreading her wares on the sidewalk―a few brightly colored beads, some gaudy trinkets, some handmade scarves and blankets. She had come to the city to eke out a living for herself and her child. To keep him safe, she had tied him to the dumpster. Then I understood. It was not out of cruelty, but out of love. She was there to sell. We were there to give. As a part of a team from BIMI, we had chosen this corner on a busy street in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to distribute Bibles to the hundreds of people who were passing by. I carefully handed her a copy of God's Word. She eagerly accepted it and im- mediately began to read. She paused to sell a blanket, smiled at her customer, placed a few pesos in a small basket and returned to her reading. She sold some beads and trinkets, put the money in her basket and began to read again. As I watched her, I thought, “Did I dare to hope that this Book, which would be considered as in- significant by many people, could make any difference in the life of this young woman's dreary existence? Oh yes, I knew