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ReceNT eveNTS with Great Mission Churches Pleasant Grove Baptist Church,Trenton, Georgia; Hamilton Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee; First Baptist Church, Seaford, Delaware ( Pastor Mike Hopkins); Emmanuel Baptist Church, Newnan, Georgia (Pastor Terry Arp); Grace Independent Baptist Church, Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania (Pastor Roger Hain); Faith Baptist Church, Angola, Indiana (Pastor J. Arnold Fair); Church Service, Ushuaia, Argentina (End of the World Ministry); Bible Baptist Church, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania (Pastor Jim God); Whitney Baptist Church, Leesburg, Florida (Pastor Randy Ford); Bible Baptist Church, Mattoon, Illinois (Pastor Ryan Hayden); Lighthouse Baptist Church, Bucyrus, Ohio (Pastor Bill Wert); Peoples Baptist Church, Rossville, Georgia (Pastor John Carroll); Trinity Baptist Church, Oxford, Alabama (Pastor C.O. Grinstead); Victory Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia (Pastor Ken Hamm); Friendship Baptist Church, North Augusta, South Carolina (Pastor Heyward Horton) If you would like to schedule James Ray for your church, you may contact him at: or by phone at 423-802-5198 (cell) or BIMI 423-344-5050, Ext. 2103. E D I TO R I A L JAMES RAY, Editor And the gospel must first be published among all nations (Mark 13:10). The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Psalm 68:11). Charles Spurgeon's Last Words... T he closing words of Mr. Spurgeon's last sermon were “My time is ended, although I had much to say....” The gravely ill minister continued, “If I should never again have the pleasure of speaking for my Lord upon the face of the earth, I should like to deliver, as my last confession of faith, this testimony— that NOTHING BUT FAITH can save this nineteenth century; nothing but faith can save England...nothing but faith in the Lord Jesus can save you or me.” Spurgeon was right—Nothing but FAITH. Nothing but faith can save our apostate nations and compromising churches in America. Nothing but faith can save the perish- ing population languish- ing in darkness around this globe . . . but Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the WORD OF GOD (Romans 10:17). Paul also states, “. . . and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard” whom they have not heard (Romans 10:14)? From the beginning of time, God has focused on publishing His Word. He has given orders that the Gospel be published among all nations and to all people. In these last days He has set the stage through modern day communications to make that happen in an hour when there are more people on planet earth than have ever lived at a single hour. In this issue of NATIONS MAGAZINE we will follow the path of those before us who published the Word of God. Some- times it was only spoken from memory. Other times it could only be handwritten. Many times those who published it paid with their lives. Bernard Ramm said, “A thousand times over, the death knell of the Bible has been sounded, the funeral proces- sion formed, the inscrip- tion cut on the tombstone, and committal read. But somehow the corpse never stays put.” The Bible is the most survived Book of human history. It has withstood the knife, the fire, the bannings and today the mass dilution from publishers and the twist of cults. Spurgeon was right. Only faith can save our generation and faith comes from hear- ing and hearing by the Word of God. Let us join those before us by loving it, reading it, defending it and hiding it in our hearts. NATIONS • 3