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The People of the Book! The Waldensians Waldensian Bible College – Photos this page by James Ray Known as “The People of the Book,”the Waldensians lived by it and died by it. It is possible that the Waldensians were descended from New Testament Christians. Long before John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Erasmus or the King James Bible, the Waldensians had translated the Bible into their own language. T hey memorized great portions of Scripture and laboriously made many copies of this Scrip- ture for their disciples. For this they paid dearly. The Pope had sent word that this was not to be done to which Peter Waldo replied, “We ought to obey God rather than man.” Some say that they derived their name from Peter Waldo who preached to them the Word of God. It is more likely that HIS NAME came from the movement. The Waldensians believed 4 • NATIONS the Bible and took seriously the com- mission to spread its message into all the world. They were persecuted for Christ for 300 years beginning about AD 1150. In Northern Italy this editor vis- ited a one-room museum, which still had drawings of the torture. Women and children were thrown off high peaks to be dashed to pieces. There was the cave high in the mountains where the persecutors built a fire at the mouth of the cave to suffocate a great number of women and children hiding Peter Waldo