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inside. Standing outside that cave, I could imagine the muffled sounds of suffocation coming from the 500 wom- en and children inside as the smoke filled the cave. To condense their sufferings into one inadequate paragraph, the nouns deceit, trickery, broken promises, threats, robbery, pillage, slow tortures, destruction, slaughter, exile might serve for a start. The Roman Catholic perse- cutors of France and Italy ripped limbs from live victims, dashed the heads of children against the rocks, marched fathers to their deaths with the heads of their sons around their necks; parents watched their children violated and murdered. Other tortures were too vile to describe. Yet, the Waldensian move- ment was never eliminated. alking in their steps, I hiked up into the highest mountains (northern Italy) to the small stone cottage which served as their Bible college (six hundred years old). I did not go inside but I could visualize the students seated around the great slabbed tabletop drinking in the Word of God. Historically, these people were following fresh footprints from their New Testament pioneers. They knew W continued on page 6 THE BURNING OF THE WALDENSIAN CHRISTIANS NATIONS • 5