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continued from page 5 they had the Word of God and that the command of Christ was to evangelize. Pastors were required to take their turn as missionaries. They went out two-by-two, a young man and an older one. aking to the roads as peddlers, or as artisans, or as physicians, they carried the Bible in their hearts and minds. Stopping for the night in a remote cottage in the course of their trav- els, they would testify of the Gospel and write out Scripture portions to leave with their hosts. Other Waldensian merchants would display their merchandise to the prospec- T tive buyer but keep alluding to a treasure beyond price. At last the buyer, over- come by curiosity, would ask to see the great priceless treasure. The Waldensian would then produce a Bible. In this way they spread the precious treasure across Europe. Hundreds of towns and villages throughout Italy were evangelized. It was said that “The Valdese (Waldensians) had stations organized in many places with thousands of secret adherents in most of the towns. And not only Italy, but Valdese missionaries spread the Gospel over the greater part of Europe.” Man in a Million! H e died twice. His chances for survival were almost non-existent. Earnest prayer was made by friends and loved ones. When Roger Blevins, South America Director of BIMI, left home on that Sunday morning, he never dreamed that he would soon be in eternity...for a brief while. Then about eight miles from home it happened. A drunk driver swerved across the road into his path. The impact was unavoidable. Medics twice resuscitated him on the journey to the Atlanta Medi- cal Center. His story of survival stands as an amaz- ing answer to prayer. The counselor could not understand. She had come to counsel a man who had lost one of his legs forever. He had to be depressed. Anyone in such a state would be. Roger loves to tell that she left the room . . . DEPRESSED. Roger commenting on his brief trip to heaven says, “I knocked on the door of heaven, but God said, ‘your room is not ready yet.'” 6 • NATIONS Roger Blevins with wife Kay Roger Blevins boasts that he is the only BIMI director that already has a “foot in the door” of heaven. He excels in his ministry for the Lord. He travels, represents his field and preaches mis- sions conferences. Also, he has made trips to South America to visit his missionaries. Recently he trav- eled with a team on the 6,000 mile journey to the end of the world for Bible distribution. He allows no barrier to slow him down. Roger Blevins— A Man in a Million!