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King Edward's Missing Sword The “boy king” who answered William Tyndale's Prayer “God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.” Consider England—famous for the murder of Tyndale and others who dared to print the Bible. England—the land where Bibles were piled and burned in mass to keep them away from the common people, and yet, England—used of God to blanket the earth with Scripture When King Henry VIII died in 1547, his only son, Edward VI, was crowned as king. Edward was only nine years old when he began his reign as King of England. E dward's mother was Jane Seymour and the third wife of Henry VIII. She died just 12 days after giving birth to Edward. Although only nine, Edward was brilliant. The young prince had learned Latin and French by the time he was 10. Edward had been educated by Godly Protestant leaders. Before his death at the early age of 15, he was instrumental in removing images from churches and promoting and publishing the Bible. It was in Edward's reign that the prayer book emerged. On the eve of Edward's coronation, he rode on horseback from the Tower to the  Palace of Westminster  through thronging crowds and pageants. At his coronation the next day, January 28, 1547, the procession was positioned to move from the Westminster Abbey to the palace. It was customary for three swords to be carried before the newly crowned king, symbolic of his three kingdoms. oung King Edward looked over the scene and said, “There lacks yet one sword.” Those in charge inquired what it was, Edward answered, “The Bible is missing. That book is the sword of the Spirit, and is to be preferred before those. It ought in all right to govern us.” Y The young King continued: “Without that sword we are noth- ing, we can do nothing, we have no power. From that we are what we are this day. He that rules without it is not to be called God's minister, or a king. Under that we ought to live, to fight, to govern the people and to perform all our own affairs. From that alone we obtain all power, virtue, grace, salva- tion, and whatsoever we need of divine strength.” He then commanded a Bible to be brought and carried before him. The Bible was brought, and carried rever- ently in the procession. Ever since King Edward made that proclamation 400 years ago, when there is a coronation of a Queen or King in England, the Bible is carried before them. Queen Elizabeth was presented a King James Bible and told by the Archbishop: “We present you with this Book, the most valuable thing this world affords. Here is wisdom. This is the Royal Law. These are the lively oracles of God.” The answer to William Tyndale's last prayer: “Lord, Open the King of Eng- land's eyes” still reverberates through the centuries of time. NATIONS • 7