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Page 2  Volume 8, Issue 1 flooded the coastal areas. Hoboken was caught in the path of that surge and three feet of water flooded the newly prepared church building. The power was out and Brother Rizzo took advantage of the opportunity to provide generators for people to power up cell phones and set up grills to cook food as people emptied their freezers and brought food to be cooked. The call went out for help. Churches and individuals responded with contributions and “putting boots on the ground” as the drywall was torn out and replaced. Ruined hymnals, Bibles and chairs were replaced and repaired. “Helping hands” came and did a good work so that City Baptist could continue having services. We send a big thank you to each individual and church that had a part in making this all happen to the glory of God. Go to to read more about this. Deaf Baptist Church Dedicates Building by Bruce and Vicki Kelly The Deaf Baptist Church in Smyrna, Georgia, where Bruce Kelly is the pastor, has worked diligently for more than two years to get into the building they had purchased for holding services. Brother Kelly has been faithful to the task of planting this church and rejoices now that they are able to hold services there. Dr. Ray Thompson of Baptist International Missions, Inc., was one of six speakers for this momentous occasion. The following is a report from Pastor Kelly: We started a Bible study in Calvary Baptist Church on March 16, 2001. There were five deaf people who attended the first service and then we organized the Deaf Baptist Church on March 16, 2003. In 2009 we began looking for a building to purchase. We found property and purchased it for $142,477.60 on May 28, 2010. The building was in bad shape and needed a lot of work. We had to wait nine months for a work team to replace the roof. Then the city required us to draw up a blueprint so it took six months before the city of Smyrna would give approval. We finally started the renovations on September 2011. The city codes required the installation of a sprinkler and fire alarm system which was very expensive. Finally, we got the Certificate of Occupancy on September 10, 2012. Our first service in the building on was September 16, 2012, and our Grand Opening on October 21, 2012, with 115 in attendance. We invited six speakers for the Grand Opening service. It was a wonderful time with many blessings. The cost of renovations is $125,349.52 over and above the initial purchase price of the property. We had to borrow $50,000 from the bank and we owe $5,000 to two different companies for plumbing and electrical work (our goal is to pay them off as soon as possible). We have already paid off $205,827.12. Praise God! He has done great things; however, the building is not completely finished. We still need to do hardwood floors and put a special finish on the auditorium floor as well as purchase chairs for the auditorium. Please pray for more funds to pay off the bank loan and a total of $5,000 owed to two different companies. If the Lord would impress you to give to this need, you may send contributions to Deaf Baptist Church, 3000 Jonquil Dr., Smyrna, Georgia 30080. Our VRS phone is 678–275–8910 if you need to contact us.