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Page 4  Volume 8, Issue 1 Dr. and Mrs. John Bailes and Rev. Bob Larson from Reseeding America arrived in Avondale in September to assist in the opening of the new church. “Grand Opening” Sunday was set for September 16. The Manuel family did a great job of getting things ready for the first service. Many “last minute” projects were taken care of before the first service, including distribution of church literature. A good number of churches came in from across the Phoenix Valley and around the state to help with the distribution of this literature. As Grand Opening weekend approached, additional workers arrived to assist in the opening of this new church. Seventy-seven people were there for the first service with fifty of those people from the community. Please pray that God will continue to bless this baby church. Steps of a Toddler Church Editor's Note: When local churches support church planters in the United States, it helps that church planter and his family devote all their time to getting the new church started and growing. The length of time a church sends support to a U.S. church planter should be based on the needs of that man and his family and the area where God has called him to plant his church. Reseeding America recommends that churches commit to supporting a U.S. church planter until his new church can stand on its own. We feel a reasonable goal is a three to five year period. The exception would be men working in the U.S. with third world ethnic groups or inner city and specialized ministries. BIMI Reseeding America Church Planter Mike Clark and his family planted Legacy Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 22, 2011. God has wonderfully blessed this new church. We enjoyed reading this recent update that Brother Clark sent us concerning their ministry in Pittsburgh and where they are as a church at this time. At this point in time, I would describe Legacy Baptist Church as a “Toddler Church.” Let me explain. Like a toddler that is just learning to walk and take those first steps, there will be the need for supporting hands standing behind ready to help the toddler. The same applies to a new church plant. We thank the Lord for the supporting churches who stand behind this ministry with their prayers and financial support as our church takes toddler steps. Our “Toddler” church is now 20 months old and God has blessed us in so many ways. We are no longer a newborn in that we are now learning to do many things on our own. Legacy is becoming a thriving, growing church but still precarious in some ways. We are still getting our legs under us, but we have taken great steps in 2012. Steps we have taken: Chartered with 33 people in January 2012 We transitioned from our hotel meeting place to 6,000 sq. ft. of retail space used for our services. Our motto is “Many hands make light work.” We have to set up and take down each week. What a joy to work alongside so many great people. 20,000 homes touched with Gospel material in 2012 Hundreds of children and 27 visiting families came during our VBS program. We simultaneously used 5 public school campuses and 3 local parks to hold our VBS. That week many souls were given a clear presentation of the Gospel, with many decisions for Christ. We have families that attend Legacy Baptist today because of our VBS, as well as several children that ride our church van weekly. We purchased our first van to start the Legacy Shuttle Service. The Legacy Shuttle program averages 7 riders each week. We had our first missions conference supporting worldwide missions. We were able to help with the BIMI Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Just like the toddler has unseen hands behind him ready to catch and support him, so does Legacy Baptist Church. We also have a base of great people that are committed to following the Lord here at Legacy. We are right on track for a healthy growth. The strength of Legacy is the commitment of its supporters and its people. God has provided us many solid supporting churches that understand the importance of allowing a toddler to learn to walk and provide the help and support in the background. Terri and I are so thankful for those supporters allowing us to have the time, energy, and resources to accomplish this great task of church planting. We are so grateful for our supporting churches. Together we are raising a toddler church that will one day be a mature walking church. We covet your prayers. Mike and Terri Clark Church Planting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania