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Page 5  Volume 8, Issue 1 Sligo Baptist Reaches Indigenous Status as a Local Church Co-editors note: Several years ago Reseeding America Church Planter Chris Corrigan restarted a church that was ready to close in Silver Spring, Maryland. Area churches assisted him as well as Reseeding America Ministry. This past year Chris has been able to notify all of his supporting churches that the church is now ready to be self-supporting and that their help and support could be sent to another USA church planter. The following are excerpts from Brother Corrigan's last prayer letter to his supporting churches: If everyone were to be in church at the same time, we'd have one hundred twenty. Can't I dream? If you were to walk into Sligo Baptist on any given day, you'd see an average of sixty in the morning service and forty in the other three services. We have ten to eighteen soul winners every Saturday morning and we support twenty-four missionaries with an annual budget of $35,000. Besides my family, we have five other traditional families and the rest are folks the Lord has seen fit to send our way or won to the Lord from eleven different nations. We have a solid family teaching the kids on Thursday nights which allowed Amy to start a new ministry with the toddlers. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. This is our last prayer letter as Left to right: James Bosse, President Jehovah-Jireh Ministries; Pastor Philip Bishop, Lighthouse Baptist we are now supported by our church. Church, Alexandria, VA; Pastor Chris Corrigan, Sligo Praise God! On April 15 we marked Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD; Bob Larson, Reseeding our 4th anniversary of re-planting Sligo America Ministries Let me close with this thought: We Baptist Church. We celebrated by having worked hard, very hard. But God did ALL the good stuff! a “Pastor's Pals Day.” This involved a pizza party for ages 12 and TODAY I strive to be closer to my Savior than ever. Jesus is under and their families. We followed the pizza party with duck worthy. Keep your checks, but not your prayers. We love you pin bowling. The young people are being trained to serve the all. With grateful hearts, Chris & Amy, Quinn (13), Sunny (12), Lord in their local church and then rewarded. Marie (7), Daniel (3), David (1). When we arrived four years ago, things were very different. Co-editor comment: We had a congregation of six senior citizens (if they all came), It is always a wonderful occasion when a church planter can come off no money, sad physical building condition, massive water and monthly support because his church is able to meet all of the financial termite damage and two churches with different doctrines needs of the work. renting our buildings and dominating all our space. Fifteen hundred days later (at least I didn't count the hours), God has blessed above our faith with souls saved and baptized and a small flock that ebbs and flows. The bottom line is we are a church that is growing in the right direction one brick at a time. We are keeping Luke 19:10 the main thing. Our hearts have been shattered and encouraged many times. Reseeding America strives to help our men who are planting churches and restarting churches to take the necessary steps to become indigenous local churches. On Thursday night, June 21, 2012, I had the great privilege of presenting Reseeding America Church Planter Chris Corrigan and his congregation the Reseeding America “Indigenous Church Award.” We are happy to see that this church is now completely self-supporting!