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Uganda Vincent Has Done Well for Himself By Matt Stensaas In the world's eyes Byaruhanga Vincent had “done well for himself.” He had built his own house, had land and animals and even had a building in town he was renting out to someone. Yet spiritually, he was poor and needy. His life was empty and without true meaning. He was born into a Catholic home, but as he got older, he began to see the hypocrisy and lies in that religion that caused him to look for truth elsewhere. Finding the charismatic churches to be exciting, he joined them and got involved but soon felt disillusioned by the many inconsistencies and deceptions of the leadership. One day, he was listening to Life Radio (started by BIMI missionary Bryan Stensaas) and he was struck by how different this preaching was to what he was used to in his church. This preaching actually used the Bible as its source and authority. At first he did not agree with what he heard but was intrigued and continued to listen. He started taking notes and asking his pastor about what he had heard. His pastor could not answer his questions adequately and told him not to listen to Life Radio, but Vincent began to realize what was on the radio was the truth. The Holy Spirit began working in his heart and very soon Vincent accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. What joy filled his heart as he felt the burden of sin roll away! His next desire was to personally meet those who were preaching on Life Radio and learn more about the Word of God. Byaruhanga Vincent 4 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2013 With great anticipation Vincent visited the Independent Baptist Church of Mbarara while I was teaching in the Bible institute there. He was delighted when I asked him if I could come and disciple him in his village of Rubindi. Both Vincent and his wife, Francesca, were excited to have finally found the Truth that satisfies and were eager to learn more about the Christian life.