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Gospel all these years here in the States and have had the privilege on five occasions to preach revival meetings in a military church in Rota, Spain, God has now called us to go and preach the same Gospel to our military overseas. My wife and I have been on deputation since April 15, 2012, with about 90% of our needed support now raised. To God be the glory! Thus far, in eleven months we have been in ninety- eight churches presenting our burden for our military. We were in Germany February 20 to March 1. There is a work in progress at Mehlingen, Germany (Heritage Baptist Church), near Ramstein Air Base that has called for us to come and help them. I preached four times while there and God touched several hearts. One young German boy whose mother and grandmother are members of the church was saved on Wednesday night. Praise the good Lord! We arrived back in the States on Friday March 1. Pray for us as we continue deputation that the Lord would allow us to raise our needed support and reach the field as soon as possible. We need more churches to get on board with us to reach our military with the Gospel and support us financially so we can go quickly. Time is wasting, and our military is being deployed not knowing whether they will return. Pray for the spiritual needs of our military and their families, especially those who are “Down Range” in The War Zone. Please view our website at for information. Danny & Haruna McKittrick What a joy to serve the Lord Jesus Christ! We understand that our lives can never truly be satisfying until we set our affections on things above. For the Christian, that is where his life is permanently hidden (see Colossians 3:3). With that in mind, we are excited to set our affections on reaching and teaching military members and their families stationed in Japan. We believe God has called us and equipped us to this particular ministry for two reasons: 1. I am ready to preach the Word. I just finished my Bachelor's degree in Theology from Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary, King, North Carolina. Dr. Roger Baker and Pastor Kevin Broyhill gave invaluable training for which I am grateful to have been a part. I was trained to be a passionate expositor of the infallible, inerrant, preserved Word of God. I have also been under the ministry of my pastor, Jerry C. Gibson, who is in his 40 th year as pastor. He has taught me kindness, patience and care for people. 2. We are familiar with the military culture/ministry. I served in the USAF for six years, three in Japan. We experienced the long days and stress associated with military life. I went through a deployment having to leave my wife and three-month-old son behind as I headed to a combat zone on Christmas Eve. Haruna knows what it is like to be a military spouse. She knows what it is like to raise children away from home. This is part of military culture and God has made us what we are for the task at hand. We are excited to reach both service members and local Japanese families… almost like two missionaries for the price of one. We are thankful for this unique opportunity. Military missions is so vital. A military church with a BIMI military missions pastor lit my fire to serve the Lord. I answered the call to preach in a military church. I met and married my wife in a military church. The Lord has led us to work in a military church—oh, the potential of this ministry! What a privilege to be a part of such a rewarding and challenging work! We love military missions.