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Gaining Access! by Bob & Becky Ingram When your mission field is a military installation, gaining access to it is a top priority! It is relatively easy to gain access to Ft. Benning. All you need is a picture ID and the guard will allow you to pass through the gate. Gaining access to soldiers is a bit harder. God has been so good to us! He has opened many huge gates for us.  I stand amazed at the unfettered daily access we have to minister to soldiers. Recently, we were met by a drill sergeant at the front doors of one of the battalions where we conduct a Bible study. He wanted me to talk and pray with a soldier who had just received a Red Cross message about the death of a loved one. As a rule, drill sergeants would not seek us out but God opened this gate.   We praise God for the access to 1,081 soldiers who came to our 8 weekly on-post Bible studies in April. God also opened access to the hearts of 153 soldiers who trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior.    Please pray for more “access” at Fort Benning!